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    Mary Ann Gantt

    Co-Founder, Product Designer, and Potter

    About Mary Ann Gantt

    Mary Ann transitioned  from painting watercolors and acrylics to pottery  in the late eighties. She began creating hand-built, one of a kind art, but later began to study turning in the traditional North Carolina pottery area of Seagrove, NC.  She enjoys developing various designs and new and unique glazes. She now has a line of raku fired jewelry that showcases her raku glazing techniques.

  • Testimonial

    Jim Gantt

    Co-Founder and Potter

    About Jim Gantt

    Jim began working with his hands creating designed pieces in wood and supplying catalogs.  In the late eighties he developed an interest in turning pottery. He spent many years perfecting his technique in the Seagrove, North Carolina area well known for traditional NC pottery. Since that time, he has acquired his own unique style from stoneware, porcelain and raku, focusing on raku firing methods. His one of a kind raku pieces are found in lamps, leaves, vases and even jewelry.

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